Financial Education

Central One is Committed to improving our members' financial lives by guiding you toward the right path for financial stability now and in your future.

Why should financial literacy be important to you?
Financial literacy empowers you to make smart financial decisions by gaining the knowledge and skills to manage your money more effectively. Understanding financial literacy foundations will help prepare you to reach your goals and achieve financial stability for today and your future. Central One is committed to providing you with helpful tools to learn and improve our members' financial lives.
Choose either our cloud-based Financial Education Center website or Zogo's gamified app on your phone. Better yet, use both options!
Customize your learning playlists

Our online Financial Education Center provides an in-depth way to learn about the foundations of budgeting, savings, investing, and more.  

All of these short, interactive learning experiences are designed to help prepare you with the knowledge to manage your finances and plan effectively for the future. Each module is only 3 -7 minutes in length as well as mobile and tablet friendly.

Get paid to learn with Zogo!

The Zogo app provides a gamified approach to learning.  Work your way through short, interactive subjects and earn “pineapples” which can be converted to online gift cards from your favorite brands. This is a fun and engaging way to learn 24/7.

Download the app to your smartphone and start getting paid to learn!
If you experience any app issues, please contact

Take control of your finances
Start your 2021 budgeting and take control of your finances today with MX Money Management, our free financial management and budgeting tool. Managing your money should be easy and we can help. With MX Money Management, you can set up budgets, track expenditures, and much more.
It’s easy to use and, best of all, free to all Central One online and mobile banking users!