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Mobile Device Safety

1.     Watch out for free and unprotected Wi-Fi

Yes, some businesses offer free Wi-Fi.  And yes, that's great because by using it, users can escape potential charges based on their data plan. However, using Wi-Fi, particularly if it's free unprotected Wi-Fi, creates more dangers.

It is easier for criminals to access information on an open Wi-Fi network than on your 4G or 3G data network.  On your computer at home, you're on your home network, and there's a lower chance someone is monitoring your traffic. If you're on your smartphone, you could be using it from a local coffee shop or at work. It's important to know that not all of these Wi-Fi’s are safe.

2.     Make your phone password-protected

It’s a good idea to use a strong password whenever possible. In addition, don't auto-save your login information by letting your phone remember your login information and password for login sites.  If your phone is stolen, it’s easier for a fraudster to steal your information.

The added security of typing in a password every time you use your phone or app is worth it!

It’s also best-practice to pick a PIN or password in order to unlock and use your mobile device.

3.     Keep apps and devices on the most current versions

When your mobile device alerts you to an update for your mobile banking app or your phone's operating system, make sure you install it.

If an update to an app is available, usually it is for security or functionality purposes. An update may come once the developer notices a flaw or weakness and moves to fix it.  Failure to make updates in a timely fashion could leave your phone more vulnerable to attack.

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